Quality fabrics that provide comfort and protection

Inherent Flame Retardant Fabrics

Our inherent flame retardant fabrics are created to offer resistance to heat, flame and welding, ensuring long term durability, while advanced technology ensures comfort.

Treated Flame Retardant Fabrics

Our treated flame retardant fabrics offer stability, durability and great comfort. These fabrics are compliant with a wide range of international standards – for protection against heat and flame, for use in welding, for protection against electric arc thermal shocks.

Antistatic Fabrics

Our range of antistatic fabrics have been developed to provide the optimum static control against incendiary spark, electronic equipment damage, attraction of surface particles and to promote electric field shielding.

Multifunctional Fabrics

These versatile fabrics protects against multiple hazards including: heat, flame, static electricity, electric arc, sparks, chemical and metal splash, poor visibility and foul weather.

High Visibility Fabrics

Our range of high visibility fabrics give superior protection to workers working in low light and potentially hazardous conditions.

Foul Weather Fabrics

These fabrics provide protection from wind and rain while remaining comfortable and breathable.