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About DreamFR

At Dream Uniforms, we are always advancing, researching and developing, to expand our proficiency and bring you the best. With this innovative direction, Dream Uniforms introduces DreamFR – an exclusive brand of high-performance protective workwear.

DreamFR delivers a variety of performance-driven garments made to stand up to the most challenging working conditions. Our exclusive workwear range is developed of multifunctional fabrics that provide an excellent solution for various end uses, guaranteeing assurance against heat and flame, electrostatic discharge, chemical splashes, welding, electric arc and poor visibility.

To ensure your safety as well as your comfort on the job site, our garments are precisely constructed with advanced fabrics that meet rigorous industry guidelines and regulations. Our superior products protect the skin you’re in, sparing no attention to detail in the craftsmanship that goes into each and every single DreamFR product.

We offer customized workwear solutions in a range of different fabrics and standards, best suited for each individual requirement. From field work to office environment, DreamFR Protective Workwear is built to cater to multiple industries and multiple regions. Woven and knit garments built with innovative fabrics add breathability, flexibility, and comfort to your everyday work gear.

From standard FR to multifunctional materials, our range of fabrics offer multiple levels of EN/NFPA accredited protection, crafted for various industries. Our wide range of premium protective fabrics include flame retardant NFPA 2112, EN ISO 11612, antistatic EN 1149, chemical splash EN 13034, electric arc EN 61482, welding EN ISO 11611.


We provide workwear that can be customized to each industry standards.


Have your company logo/branding personalized on your workwear – Embroidered Logos & Woven Labels

Client Care

We provide you with a dedicated account manager to look after all your workwear needs.